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Already from a young age I started going to themeparks and immediately got hooked by all the experiences! Growing older only made it worse, because I could get everywhere by myself. After a while I started to combine one of my passions, photography, with my love for themeparks. To share all of my favorite pictures and video's I created a Parkmedia-account on Instagram.

When visiting a themepark I could sometimes spot other themepark enthusiasts by the merchandise they wear. Because I really liked the idea of recognition between people with the same passion, I also started to look for themepark related clothing. After I while I got my own ideas for shirts and sweaters, so I started using my knowledge of graphic design to start making my own designs.

We may be very proud about what we love to do, so I decided to share my designs with you! Feel free to use our design-tool to add your own logo's and text!

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